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Amateur porn enthusiasts are being snowed in lately by phony baloney porn sites masquerading as "amateur" porn. Such sites lure you in with promises of pretty, everyday average girls, un-tainted by endless hours in the industry, dipping their inexperienced toes into the porn world for the first time. One glance at most of these sites and the fantasy bubble is burst on account of the obviousness of the models experience in the industry and the contrived (and typically even staged and scripted,) production. Hell, most of these "amateur" sites feature scenes of well-known a-listers, pretending to be the undiscovered girl next door. These sites have their place, and it's always fun to watch amateur fantasies (the cheating gf, the girl next door, the hot step sister, etc...) But to operate under the guise of amateur porn status is an insult to true amateur aficionados.

Luckily for said aficionados, there is Backroom Casting Couch. The scenes on this glorious site feature exclusively amateur models (genuine ones,) willing to do just about anything to get their nose in the door of the industry, and have come to this studio for a casting call (hence the "casting couch.") The premise of each scene is the same. An amateur model partakes in an interview and... ahem... audition to star in a porn video (the irony being that the "audition" just is the porn video they are auditioning for.)

After some light banter, they are directed to strip, play with themselves, and get freaky with the camera man in all sorts of freaky activities and gratifying angles. It's a simple formula that produces incredible results. There's just nothing quite like watching a genuine, real-life amateur, slip into the role of porn actress. The girls are typically very friendly, and usually a little shy. Definitely a nice break from the cringey "shy" acting of stars in the fake amateur sites. No phoney baloney lip biting or any of that nonsense. Just the real feels of slightly nervous girls willing to get freaky on camera, often for the first time in their lives.

For a one-man show, the production value is extremely good, and very impressive. The sole camera guy/male model somehow manages to get all the right angles and masterfully avoids all the typical pitfalls of amateur filming (shakey cam, bad lighting, bad angles, etc.) This guy knows what he's doing. At no point in the beautifully shot scenes was I ever mentally giving the director direction like I usually do in amateur videos (ie: "keep the camera still! show me her ass not your belly! stop darth vader breathing into the microphone!" etc...)

The site boasts an impressive library of about 600 videos. Holy shit that's a lot of scenes for one guy. And given the sole premise of the scenes, there is a surprising variety of action. Blowjobs, anal, facials, and even a nice collection of lesbian/MFF scenes, and women of all different shapes, sizes, ages, looks, personalities, and temperaments. But one thing they all have in common is that they're true amateurs. You won't bump into Aidra Fox or Riley Reid in this lineup (as lovely as they are and all, I don't want them ruining my amateur fantasy.)

The membership fee is pretty typical, ranging from $20-$30, depending on the term. Kind of a bummer that there's no annual option for a steep discount, but the quality of the content on this site is worth it. It's surprisingly tricky to find quality amateur porn these days. Membership also includes access to other sites in the network, like Exploited College Girls, and Black Ambush. It's a refreshing little bonus. If you're into real amateur porn, it's hard to do much better than Backroom Casting Couch.

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