BBC seems to be all the rage lately. Particularly when it comes to interracial scenes, in which delicate-looking caucasian girls transform into ravenous vixens foaming at the mouth and dripping between the legs for cartoonishly large black dicks. That is precisely what you'll find at Blacked. This growing niche has only a few sites exclusively offering scenes of the BBC+white girl formula. And is far and away the best of them.

First of all, Blacked sets the bar high the bar when it comes to production quality. The brand is owned by the Vixen Group, and if you've seen any content from Vixen, you know the scenes are incredibly well shot, very high quality, and always crisp clean HD. You can tell these are true professional filmmakers at work. No obnoxious talking camera men or shaky handheld footage. No obscure angles, or awkward camera work. You'll see every wet, glimmering inch of black meat, every little drip of vag-juice, every ass goosebump, every butthole crease, everything!

And if you appreciate a little foreplay and stage-setting, you'll love how the scenes are written. The scene setting is not an afterthought like in most porn, awkwardly shoehorned in before the action to trick audiences into accepting the roles. They actually try to create realistic scenes, dialogue, and character interactions. They actually try to get you to immerse yourself in the fantasy. Imagine that! And the settings are always gorgeous. Luxurious penthouse apartments, modern all-white bedrooms, tropical cabanas, etc. The locations alone are beautiful (not that you'll be focusing on the scenery,) and it really helps you slip into the euphoric atmosphere of the scenes.

The sex is top notch. It's basically the perfect balance between hardcore and passionate. The models can be careful, gentle, slow, and sensual, and as the intensity of the scene builds, the fucking becomes more intense, and wet, and sloppy, and unbridled. But never raunchy, grotesque, or outlandish. You won't find overly aggressive men ramming their junk into bone-dry vaginas, beet-red from irritation. No. Instead, expect to see slippery black poles gliding smoothly in and out of dripping, visibly-engorged, lady-boner pussies, and slippery, well-lubed buttholes, constricting and relaxing with pleasure. No painful throat fucking here. Nope. Just deliciously sloppy blowjobs, in which both parties are mutually gratified. The mutual pleasure in these scenes is something else that really separates Blacked from the pack. You can tell the models are not only comfortable, but are truly enjoying themselves, not just going through the motions to put on a show.

The girls... oh man the girls. Drop dead gorgeous. This is top tier porn, and it shows in the roster of models. Ever last girl on the site is a 9 or 10. Expect to see many well known favorites like Riley Ried, Lana Rhoades, Valentina Nappi, Dani Daniels, Kendra Sunderland, the list goes on. Not to mention countless stunning babes you never even knew existed. Blacked has a knack for scouting some serious talent, and these girls love what they do, whatever it is they're doing. Speaking of what they're doing, the site has a surprising variety of categories, including group scenes, gangbangs, anal, mff threesome, and even some lesbian scenes.

I could go on all day. This is true top shelf porn. But I'm not the only one that thinks so. Blacked has been highly decorated in the industry. Best scene, best interracial scene, best directing, studio of the year, etc. And in fact, if you want to skip straight to their most recognized content, the site offers pages and pages of awarded scenes. And yes, they're incredible.

If I haven't sold you yet, check out the two day trial. But I'm warning you know, once you go Blacked...


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