Cocky Boys

Cocky Boys is quickly becoming one of the most popular studios in the gay porn market, and is already a standout source for very high quality videos. Brought to us by the beautiful and filthy mind of Jake Jaxson, Cocky Boys fills a much needed gap in the market by delivering high quality porn featuring confident, willing, and drop dead gorgeous male models that have zero reservations, zero guilt, and zero inhibitions or apprehension about immersing themselves in glorious gay action with beautiful men.

One thing you'll often notice in gay porn, even high quality gay porn, is that the models sometimes feel timid, shy, apprehensive, or stiff (and not in the good way.) The resulting scenes is of two wooden, quite, unanimated fellas, simply going through the motions for the camera. No passion. No excitement. No unbridled lust. Just Thing A goes dryly into Slot B over and over until Thing A dribbles and starts shrinking. And scene! But not at Cocky Boys. No sir. Never will you see a more lustful, ravenous, euphoric groups of fellas that are simply dripping with an addiction to gay sex. The difference makes all the difference.

Jake Jaxson's blend of artistic erotica and unbridled hardcore action is a rare, unique, and magnificent combination of seemingly opposing moods. The fucking on Cocky Boys can be both filthy and delicate, sultry and romantic, and everything in between. It's an incredible, and incredibly rare, Cockytail of styles. And it really sets Cocky Boys apart from the pack.

The models are all various types of beautiful (hunky, cute, handsome, etc...) There sis a very pleasing variety of ages, ethnicities, and types; twinks, jocks, daddies, you name it. And the scenes are even more varied, featuring all different fetishes, categories, activities, numbers of models, and even moods. Some videos are sensual and romantic. Others are raunchy and intense. They even have some mini-series for guys that like their gay sex within the context of a scenario. Whatever your flavor, Cocky Boys has you covered. The one thing they all have in common is that the models are clearly in heaven. No awkwardness, weird tension, or amateur butterflies. This is what it's like to watch men with absolutely zero inhibitions.

The videos are of extremely high quality, and always in crisp, clean HD. The studio already boasts an impressive four figure library of scenes, and makes multiple new drops weekly. The studio continues to be nominated and awarded a long list of industry awards. You can even filter by "Award Winners." I think you'll be amazed just how many scenes are in this category. In fact, Cocky Boys is the most highly decorated studio of 2021.

Price rangef from $42 for a one time, non-recurring month of full-access, all the way down to a mere $8 for the annual plan. At $8/mo, it's essentially free. And for porn this good, it's a no brainer.

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