Czech Hunter

There's just something about most sites claiming to be "amateur gay porn" that doesn't quite pull off the amateur vibe. Either I've seen the actors before and/or the acting is phony to a fault and/or the setups are contrived and/or "straight guys" go hog wild after t-minus 5 seconds, etc. In other words, it's hard to find quality amaateur gay porn that actually feels amateur! And finding porn featuring convincing "straight guys," that are coerced, bribed, or seduced into having gay sex is even more difficult.

Enter Czech Hunter! This is one of the very few sites that convincingly sells the amateur angle. Probably because they really are finding amateur guys on the streets, and really are bribing them with cash to have sex with a man. Honestly, I can't even tell if it's real or scripted, and that's a beautiful thing. Because if you can't tell, it doesn't matter. The premise is that the "Czech Hunter" finds attractive fellas around Europe, and offers them cash to let him have his way with them. The fact that guys often turn him down and/or are only comfortable with certain activities really sells the realism, and makes it feel like these fellas are true amateurs, and like some of them are legitimately "straight" (right up until they meet the Czech Hunter anyway.

After accepting cash, the guys typically get nasty exhibitionist-style, in garages, the woods, back alleys, cars, public bathrooms, hotel rooms, etc. Every scene is different, because the guys have varying levels of experience or comfort. You never know what you're gonna get. Always nice when scenes aren't the exact same repetitive formula (10 minute blowjob, 10 minutes of doggystyle, 10 minutes from the side, 10 minutes of riding, etc...)

I'll be honest, the film quality isn't the greatest. We're not talking professional camera work and 4k resolution here. But if you're looking for that amateur feel, this really adds to the effect. In fact, steady-cam and crisp HD would probably ruin the fantasy as easy as being on an obvious film set. The good news is, the guy holding the camera knows what he's doing. And knows how to film POV without fucking it up. That's something else that's glorious about these scenes, most of them are POV! And trust me, you won't mind pretending you have this guy's junk. It's pretty fantastic.

Access to Czech Hunter also gives you access to two other sites in the Bigstr network, that are of similar amateur premises. 3 for one is a helluva deal. And if you're into amateur gay porn, you just hit the jackpot. When in doubt, give their trial a whirl; it's one of the longest trials in the industry. You'll have 7 full days to take your sweet ass time getting the gay of the land.

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