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When it comes to this particular niche, there are really only a couple names in town. And of those couple, Gloryhole Secrets is the best. And it's not close. There's just something about seeing actual amateurs (keyword actual,) partaking in what is essentially a one-at-a-time blowbang. It never feel phony, or contrived, and quite often the women are genuinely cock-hungry and get genuinely cum drunk. Many of these girls truly relish the opportunity, and that's what makes this one of the best niche sites on the market.

The scenes are pretty formulaic, but not in a bad way. If it ain't broke and such. The models will sit down for an interview with the camerman/director. Generally I don't care for this kind of thing (I hate when cameramen talk,) but this guy's got charm, and has a knack for disarming nervous models, and getting them to relax and have fun before gorging on man meat. Without this pre-scene emotional lube, I think these videos would be a lot more awkward and uncomfortable, especially for the models. And it just wouldn't make for great content. The interview is also a fun way to get to know the girls a little. It makes them more relatable, and makes them feel like actual amateurs (which they are.) This really makes the gloryhole action even that much hotter, because now you're watching somebody you feel like you know a little, instead of a generic actress.

Another thing that makes the content unique, is that the male models sliding their junk through the slots are everyday dudes of all different types. Some of them are young and horse hung. Some of them are old and dinky. Some of them have well groomed, rock hard, porn-worthy dicks. Others could use a trim and are little on the soft side. The variety is endless, and you get to watch gorgeous ladies feasting on all different sizes, shapes, ages, races, and levels of hardness. You get to watch the girls work out the spunk from all different kinds of dick. Sometimes they put a soft penis in their mouth and work it into a cucumber. Sometimes a throbbing cock slides through and explodes after 20 seconds of gentle licking. At Goryhole secrets, you see it all. On that note, for scenes that I described as "formulaic" there's actually a surprising amount of variety. Sometimes there are two girls. Sometimes the girls get fucked. Sometimes there's anal. There are plenty of pleasant surprises.

The scenes are very well filmed. Well lit, good angles, HD, etc.. There are three cameras that catch the action from all angles (including a POV camera.) It's a simple formula that perfectly captures every morsel of the action. Every shimmer of slobber. Ever drop of cum. Every little peach fuzz baby hair on the model's neck. You really get up close and personal with the girls, to include all the glorious noises that go along with dick sucking. The slurps, slobbers, sucks, and gulps are all captured clearly. It's damn near ASMR.

One thing that's fantastic about this site, is that the cum, is always, swallowed. If the camera guy even gets a hint that a drop is going to miss and hit the floor, he's quick to direct the model to catch it. Obviously they coach them before the scene, but sometimes the girls need a little reminder. Which is fine. Some of the are quite nervous after all.

The videos are all quite long, from 30 minutes to over an hour, meaning that the average length is not only much longer than most porn scenes, but when you consider that 90% of that hour is spent watching exactly what you came to see, Gloryhole Secrets doesn't even compare to more generic porn where 75% of the scene is stuff you're not really there for (I mean for Christ Sake, does anybody on the planet enjoy watching a dude eat out the model?) At Gloryhole Secrets, no time is wasted.

The library is vast. Offering around 500 videos by my last count, and there are multiple updates daily. This makes Gloryhole Secrets the largest library of gloryhole videos in the industry. And given that each video is 90% dick sucking, it's probably one of the largest volumes of action in the niche market. Membership ranges from a standard $29.95/month all the down to less than $10/month for an annual membership, and given the volume of relevant content, this is almost undoubtedly the best blowjob for your buck site on the internet. Check out a 3 day trial and see what makes them the best.

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