I Know That Girl

I Know That Girl got its name from its roots as a legitimate amateur porn site featuring home videos and professional porn starring actual amateurs and models still wet behind the ears. It has since evolved into an exclusively professional site that is simply in the style of amateur porn. Meaning you get the vibe, setting, and scenarios of amateur movies but the production quality of big-budget professional filmmakers and the beauty and talent of professional porn stars.

For those seeking true amateur porn, this may not be your cup of tea. But for those that value things like long scenes, HD quality, beautiful or even familiar faces, and all the other staples of high quality pro porn, I know That Girl is one of the best sites in the market, and it has all but cornered the faux amateur niche. Plus it still features many of the hallmarks of real amateur porn that will help you slip into the fantasy (couples, hand-held cameras, romance, foreplay, etc...)

I Know That Girl boasts an impressive catalog of movies and new scenes are added weekly. If amateur-ish porn is your schtick, you'll want to scope this site out.

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