Mofos is mofoing incredible. Where do I start? This brand has been in the biz for over 15 years, and remains one of the biggest names in the industry. That alone says a lot. If you watch porn, you know Mofos. Their ubiquity might be because the variety of fetishes and categories of porn they offer is so hard to compete with. It might be because there are 13 popular sites in the Mofos network, many of which are household names in and of themselves (like I know That Girl, for instance.) Or it might be because Mofos has knack for discovering incredible young harlots before anybody else and their scenes tend to star gorgeous, sex-crazed angels that you've never seen before. Whatever the case, there's no denying that Mofos is top-tier porn, and well-deserving of their popularity.

The talent at Mofos is phenomenal, and not in the typical sense of having experience pros in every scene. While you'll find no shortage of your favorite actresses on Mofos, where their casting really shines is in the studio's ability to find gorgeous and extremely talented lesser-known and breakout stars. This is something that really helps you slip into the fantasy of the scenes. Riley Reid and Aidra Fox are lovely and all, but it's hard to immerse myself in a fictional scene when I know damn well that they're not the girl next door, or the shy bi-curious freshman, or what have you. The plethora of angelic unknown on Mofos might just be my favorite part.

Mofos boasts an enormous library of almost 4,000 videos, with frequent updates. The variety on the site is vast. You're basically treated to a tube-site's worth of categories. Browse through 30+ genres to find your favorites niches. The scenes give you just enough drama to let you slip into the fiction, without dragging it on for a tedious amount of time, or putting too much effort into trying to make non-actors act. Apparently Mofos is the only studio that realizes how cringey that can be. What you get is the perfect sweet spot that sets the scene without killing your boner. Goes without saying that all the scenes are shot in HD, and all of the modern scenes are in gorgeous 4k. and the camera work and production are top notch. No shaky cam or awkward camera angles. Just crisp definition, and all the right close ups.

I promise, Mofos will not disappoint. But when in doubt, drop a Washington on the trial and see for yourself. If you don't have $1 to spend on some of the best porn in the business, you shouldn't be looking at porn anyway. You should be working.

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