NetVideoGirls might just be the longest standing name in the amateur porn market, and is most definitely the longest standing in the "casting couch" niche. One could argue that NetVideoGirls not only set the standard for amateur casting porn, but continues to raise the bar. As such, it has developed a reputation for being one of the best, if not the best amateur porn site on the internet. And for good reason.

The Setting

The first thing you'll notice about the videos (aside from the gorgeous women,) is that the casting area is significantly more modern and luxurious than some of the creepy "back room" setups. Don't get me wrong, the stripped-down, bare-bones setups have their place, but sometimes can feel cheap, claustrophobic, seedy, or weird. There's just something about the beautiful, borderline luxurious set of NetVideoGirls that radiates professionalism & quality. It seems to put the models at ease. I know if I were "auditioning" for a less-than-wholesome job, I'd feel more comfortable in a clean, beautiful, room with daylight pouring in through windows leading to a well manicured garden than on a smelly loveseat, in a closet-sized office, in a rented office space.

The Models

That said, the women still have that endearing, innocent hesitance to them. They seem a little vulnerable and nervous. But the crew at NetVideoGirls have a smooth way of disarming them, and allowing them to loose their inhibitions and immerse themselves in the "audition." By the time the clothes start slipping off, the girls have built a cozy rapport with the interviewer, and seem to be having fun, giggling, and having a good time. As opposed to the ladies on other casting sites who never really seem to let their guard down.

The other nice thing about NetVideoGirls is that they've managed to avoid "casting" well known names in the industry. Something that reliably torpedos the amateur fantasy is when Riley Reid, Abella Danger, or Aidra Fox show up. You won't see that on NetVideoGirls. Just fresh faces and true amateur vibes of inexperienced ladies trying to get their nose in the door of the industry.

The Content

The two decades VetVideoGirls has under its belt has allowed it to amass the largest collection of casting video on the web. The total count is in the thousands, and growing weekly. The video quality is exceptional, especially given the POV style. Sometimes (often times,) POV is fucking chaos. It's fucking tricky to hold a camera steady, get good angles, proper zoom, etc when you're fucking a gorgeous babe. But NetVideoGirls gets it right. And with good camera work and an extremely well-lit set, you see absolutely everything! No more pussies hidden by legs, blowjobs hidden by hair, or buttholes hiding in the shadows! And it goes without saying that the videos are always crisp, clean HD.


Memberships range from $25-$30 per month, depending on contract term, and includes access to a few bonus sites. A nice touch, but you won't need it. NetVideoGirls is the flagship site, and porn doesn't get much better than this.

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