POVD has basically cornered the market of the POV niche. When the brand name just is the name of the fetish, you know you're in the right place. And POVD is most definitely the right place. These guys (and ladies) are the hipsters of first person porn. They were in the business making high quality, immersive POV porn way before it was cool. In fact, POVD is largely responsible for making it cool. One look at their videos, and you'll see why. It's like they managed to hack VR before it was even a thing, by making 2D porn a 3D experience. And I know what you're thinking "why would I watch POV porn, when VR porn is a thing." Well... VR porn is an excellent concept in theory, but in practice, we're not quite there. If you've ever watched VR porn, you know what I mean. Until we do "get there" (wherever "there" is,) POV is the first, and best immersive, POV porn site. They have pioneered the niche, and boy did they set the bar for the fetish high.

There are a lot of places to find POV-style porn, but most of them kinda suck. Lots of shakey cam, bad angles, and other poor camera work. Not that I blame them. I sure as hell couldn't hold a camera steady while getting a bj from a hottie, but such things can easily ruin an otherwise solid video. Luckily, at POVD, the quality of the camera work is exceptional. I'm not sure what kind of rig they're working with, some kind of go-pro steady cam or something. Whatever it is, the result is perfect angles, unbelievable steady camera with no shakiness, crisp focus, sharp resolution, and all the other hallmarks of high quality filming.

The camera work is really what sets POVD apart from other POV porn, but there's so much more to say about the content. The video quality is excellent, with ultra-HD and crisp audio to match. What's more, the audio is in 3d, so throw on your headphones for an immersive, surround experience. This really adds to the POV effect. The locations are always beautiful, and have tons of natural morning light spilling in through large windows (I know, I know, who cares about the backdrop when you've got a pair of beautiful boobies bouncing up and down in your face,) but it adds to the immersive experience of being the man. Plus, I feel like women are usually more at ease on modern, luxurious sets, and therefore more likely to drop their insecurities, and inhibitions, and go wild. Beats the hell out of creepy, claustrophobic offices (or worse, cargo vans.)

The formula for the videos is pretty consistent (if it ain't broke and such,) but not so much as to be monotonous. There's plenty of variety in the scenes and in the models to keep things fresh. Various scenes feature a variety of different activities, blowjob, anal, cumshots, swallowing, masturbation, and more beautiful buttholes right up in your face than you can imagine. That's probably my favorite part of POVD videos, just about every videos features a glorious angle of dogg-ystyle and/or reverse cowgirl that puts the models' perfect b-hole on center stage. If you're a butt guy, access to POVD is your ticket to paradise.

The models are always young, and gorgeous, and usually bubbly and fun. And maybe it's the camera and the lightning, but I get the strong impression that having perfectly smooth, glowing skin, shimmering hair, and a beaming smile are all requirements for models on POVD. There's a nice variety of ladies too. All different sizes, shapes, races, hair colors, boob sizes, butt sizes, you name it. Petite, PAWG, fit, skinny, the list goes on and on and on, and you get to be in the driver's seat with all of them. It's a glorious experience.

The library is vast, offering hundreds and hundreds of scenes, and the frequent updates. Membership ranges from $30/mo all the down to a bargain bin price of $10/mo for the annual contract. If you have any doubts, you can scope out the 1 day trial.

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