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First things first. A lot has changed in the last couple years, and if you weren't already aware, Pure Taboo is now a channel on the Adult Time platform; which is essentially Netflix for porn. When you sign up for a subscription to Pure Taboo, you are automatically granted access to Adult Time's truly gargantuan library of over 50,000 videos from some of the most well known studios in the business. And at an average rate of 8 new additions per day, this might as well be infinite porn. There are over 250 channels on this platform, of all different niches, fetishes, and categories of porn, and you are granted a golden key to the city for the same price of a single site. Or in other words, singing up for Pure Taboo is like singing up for 250 porn sites for the price of one! That's like being being able to eat at any restaurant for free, so long as you pay for one meal per month. How anybody could possibly turn this down is beyond me.

Now, onto Pure Taboo itself. This studio has basically cornered (or dare I say even monopolized) the incest-esque porn market. I say "esque" because the brand walks a fine line, and is careful not to create videos depicting actual interfamily relations. No blood relatives getting freaky. But they push the envelope with no shortage of step family

The production quality is exceptional, and the scenes are shot cinematically, like an actual film. They don't feel like your typical porn scene, where the writers and actors are just half-assing the stage-setting in a weak attempt to get the audience to buy into the fantasy. Instead, the scenes at Pure Taboo feature often complex and genuine stories and interactions. And the acting is surprisingly good for adult films (don't be expecting any emmy nominations, but it's a helluva lot better than typical porn acting.)

The scenes take their time and build-up. It's a tantalizing slow burn. You really get to know the characters and their situation, and you get time to fantasize about the direction you want it to go before anything freaky goes down. This cinematic approach really sucks you into the scenario. Really builds anticipation, and actually feels like a mother and step daughter giving in to taboo urges, as opposed to two obvious porn actresses dishing out a couple throw-aways lines before going 0-100. In addition to cinematic scenes, there are also plenty of full length films. You wanna talk about fantasy immersion...

The quality of Pure Taboo videos alone are exceptional. This is top tier porn featuring top tier talent. Pure Taboo alone is well worth the monthly subscription fee. But 250 channels and 52,000 videos of equally exceptional porn for the same price? Why the fuck are you even still reading this? Go check out Adult Time. Like now. You can even check out a full access 3 day trial. I promise, this is one trail you'll be happy your forgot to cancel.

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