Tim Tales

This site may not be as well known as gay porn giants like BelAmiOnline or Helix Studios, but my god, this get of a site has some of the best sex scenes in gay porn. Maybe even the best. And I'm not blowing smoke up your ass.

Speaking of up your ass, what really makes Tim Tales stand out from other gay porn sites, including the biggest names in the business, is that the anal action is truly incredible! One problem that plagues the gay porn world, is that roughly 75% of the biggest gay porn sites in the business have yet to discover lube. The result, is bone dry cocks (or worse, bone dry condoms) slipping al of 3-4 inches inside of bone dry b-holes. And don't even get me started on awful camera angles that hide all the action.

This is where Tim Tales shines. Not only do the anal scenes feature lubed, shiny, slippery cocks. Not only do they feature willing, experienced bottoms with holes that can manage a pounding from 9 inch skin sluggers. But the best part, is that the camera angles show you EVERYTHING. Every glorious inch of slippery wiener sliding in and out of a slippery hole. Every minute stretching or sliding of the bottom's bhole. You see absolutely everything. This is something you cannot say about 90% of the gay porn in the industry, and something truly makes Tim Tales stand out as one of the best sites.

What's more, another problem with gay porn is that the star typically range from shy and awkward to robotic and scripted. Like they're just going through the motions to make rent. Not the fellas on Tim Tales. No sir. You can tell that they LOVE what they do. Every second of every scene will prove to you that these stars are true raging cock addicts. It's almost like they don't even know there are cameras on them.

If you've seen some Tim Tales scenes, you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you haven't, prepare to have your mind blown, while you watch enormous cocks get blown, and taken to the absolute hilt in one-of-a-kind passionate, hardcore fucking.

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