Viv Thomas

Close your eyes. Now I want to to imagine MetArt. Are you imagining it? Ok, now I want you to imagine that it's the same quality, same artistic and sensual style, the same angelic models, but exclusively lesbian content. Amazing right? Well open your eyes and stop day dreaming because such a site exists, and it's called Viv Thomas. And it's incredible.

Viv Thomas is simply one of the best photographers and filmmakers in the industry. If you've seen his work, you know this is a whole nother level of erotica. No cringey fake orgasms, cringey dialogue, of absurd sexual antics done solely for the sake of spectacle. Instead, Viv offers nothing but erotic, passionate, borderline romantic and artistic scenes of incredible sex, dripping with sensuality. There's just something different about the models in a Viv Thomas scene. They're comfortable. They're truly enjoying themselves. And they seem truly infatuated with their lover of choice in the scene. It's damn near like watching gorgeous goddesses have next-level sex whilst having no idea that they're even being filmed! They seem to be lost in their own world. It doesn't feel like a performance. It feels like love (and of course lust!)

In case it's not yet obvious, the beauty of the models on Viv Thomas is unreal. Again, think of MetArt girls. Flawless soft skin, shimmering angel hair, endearing smiles, absolutely perfect legs. And honestly, I can't even tell if they're wearing makeup. If they are, it's minimal. This is natural beauty at its finest. Just nothing but young, beautiful, innocent looking angels doing not so innocent things. Most of the content is lesbian, but there are also plenty of solo scenes.

Viv Thomas offers an impressive catalog of content. As of writing this, they offer well over 2,000 HD scenes, many of which are 4k. And if you're into photography, there's an enormous catalog of some of the best erotic nude photography in the industry. The site is updated multiple times per week, so there is always fresh content.

If you have top shelf taste in erotica, it doesn't get much better than Viv Thomas.

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