Vixen is basically a household name in the porn industry. And for good reason. This is top shelf adult entertainment. In the few short years since it has been around, Vixen has managed to climb the ranks of porn studios that have been established for decades, and has become one of the best brands in the business. The films at Vixen are of exceptional quality. The production is truly top-tier. And everything about the videos makes it clear that this is luxury entertainment. Where other porn studios are Ford or Bud Light, Vixen is Maserati or Dom Pérignon. The models are stunningly beautiful and radiating with sexy confidence. The settings are modern, luxurious, and scenic. They're as exotic as the ladies in fact. Expect to see gorgeous vixens being sensually fucked in penthouse apartments, modern mansions, on tropical beaches, or next to infinite pools. Everything about these videos makes you feel like you're watching the elite get nasty. And nasty they get..

As luxurious, aesthetic, and dare I say even artistic as the videos are, they never shy away from sensual and at time filthy action. And the camera work is so high quality, that you never miss a single glistening flap of vagina skin, constriction of a beautiful butthole, or the slipping and sliding of a glistening dick into the model's holes. Every glorious inch of the action is captured by these brilliant filmmakers, and without forcing the actors into the cliché awkward porn poses, like the guy trying to fuck the girl sideways with all of 2 inches of penetration, just so the camera can get a good angle. Nope, not at Vixen. At Vixen the sex feels natural, like the models are truly enjoying getting nasty. And as far as I can tell, they really are. Must be something about the environment that Lansky creates which allows the models to really relax and immerse themselves into passionate, dirty sex.

That's the director by the way. Greg Lansky. He's the visionary mastermind that has earned Vixen countless industry awards in just a few years. In fact, his accolades outnumber many of the biggest names in the business; names that have been around for decades. New-ish or not, you simply cannot ignore quality and talent, and Vixen has set the standard for both. The sites boasts an impressive trophy case of awards starting with the word "Best." Best Director, Best All Girl Scene, Studio of the Year, etc...) So don't just take my word for it. This site has been highly decorated by the critics. You can even sort scenes by "awards," and make your way through the most decorated scenes on the site.

The volume and verity of scenes is as impressive as the quality. As of writing this, the library features over 400 videos. Not bad for a site that's only been around for 7 years. And with weekly updates, you'll always have fresh content. There's a tube-site list of well-populated categories, and the scenes feature one on one action, threesomes, groups sex, and lesbian scenes. The latter, in particular, are some of the best you'll ever lay eyes on. Nothing quite like watching two (or three) drop dead gorgeous beauties, in luxurious settings, and dressed in lingerie, pearls, diamonds, and perfect makeup, lick and lap and slide their tongues over every last inch of their perfect bodies. It's like watching lesbian Gods have unbridled lesbian god sex. It goes without saying that all of the videos are in crisp HD, and all the latest scenes are filmed 4k. You'll see every last glistening pube.


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