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Talk about a brand that needs no introduction. Adam & Eve is basically a household name at this point. Even people that have never shopped at this adult mega store have heard of this brand. It's like the Nike of sex toys. Or something. If asked to name a sex toy store, most people can name only one off the top of their head, and that's Adam & Eve. The company is far and away the largest seller of adult toys, novelty lingerie, and other sexual products in the market. In fact, its headquarters in Hillsborough, NC are the largest private employer in the city. Suffice it to say, this is no mom and pop op. The brand has been in business for over 50 years, and has all but monopolized the market.

This sex toy titan offers literally everything you can imagine to insert, stimulate, wear, look at, or play with in the bedroom. They feature the largest selection of just about every category. Hundreds of dildos, butt plugs, vibrators, beads, and other toys. They have a large lineup of lingerie and sexy outfits. And they don't just cater to women. Their men's toy collection is just as vast, offering dildos, cock rings, prostate massagers, love dolls, lubes and more. The website features multiple brands, and also Adam & Eve's in-house lineup of toys, which are some of the highest reviewed in the market. They also feature an excellent bath and body sections with lotions, fragrances, shower toys, scented candles, and other items to make bath time more fun.

In addition to the "typical" toys (if there is such a thing,) you'll also find plenty of niche & even downright taboo items. Browse the bondage, chastity, & role-play selections if you're trying to get weird with it. Or check out the swings and liberators if you're trying to get yogic or acrobatic with it! However conventional or unconventional your tastes, Adam & Eve has plenty on the menu to satiated your appetite.

The website is very streamlined and easy to navigate, browse, search, filter, and find the exact products you're looking for. For those just looking to browse, there are even handy "For Her," "For Him," and "For Couples" menus that get you in the right area. They also have a nice selection of article and blog posts, primarily of the "How To' variety, for those that are unfamiliar with certain toys on the site, or who are even so new that they don't know where to start.

The company also makes impressive contributions to philanthropic efforts, primarily addressing issues like population control, birth control, the spread of disease, and family planning. In fact, that was one of the brand's main purposes when it was founded all the way back in 1970. The founders, Phil Harvey and Tim Black, wanted a means by which to fund family planning outreach programs. Something they became passionate about Harvey returned from an enlightening trip to India, which made it clear that family planning was an important pursuit., and largely unaddressed issue in many countries (including ours.) Always nice to shop from brands who clearly care about more than just their bottom line.

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