Corbin Fisher

If you haven't heard of Corbin Fisher, well, you're welcome. This glorious gallery of gay erotica is moving its way up the ranks in the gay porn niche, and is making its name as one of the best sites in the market. The studio has been around for about a decade, and during that time has amassed an enormous library of high quality, beautiful shot, HD videos featuring young, beautiful, fit, muscular guys. The models are all specimens. Beautiful faces, with friendly smiles, fit, toned, muscular bodies, smooth skin, etc. They are the typa fellas you'd expect to see on a varsity lacrosse team, freshman swim team, or in an Abercrombie and Fitch catalog. Think BelAmiOnline; that's the level of male beauty Corbin Fisher is working with.

The scenes are all beautifully shot and professionally produced. It's obvious the producers know what they're doing and models all seem genuine thrilled to be there. No phoniness or awkwardness. Just young fun guys having passionate sex. And this isn't cold, detached, apathetic action like you see on a lot of sites. These guys really get into each other. Plenty of body contact, eye contact, loving embraces, sensual kissing, passionate penetration. It's like watching actual boyfriends have erotic sex. It's quite glorious, and a nice departure from the norm of indifferent bros going through the motions just to bust one off and pay rent. There is a wide variety of scenes that will appease a vast range of tastes, and one of the largest collections of threesome videos I've seen.

The site already boasts an impressive catalog of scenes (one of the biggest collections in the market in fact,) and they are adding new scenes weekly (typically around five, which is an impressive rate.) In other words, even if Corbin Fisher is the only site you ever sign up for, you'll never be left wanting for high quality gay porn. Consider this review a glowing recommendation.

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