If you're a man, looking for a simulated vag or b-hole to get it on with, there really is nothing better than the Fleshlight. honestly, unless you're willing to shell out hundreds or more for a realistic sex doll, Fleshlight is what you want. This hand dandy little device is the pinnacle of simulated genitalia. The company is extremely well known and highly highly rated. They've been in business 23 years, and are basically the only household name in this market. So you know they're doing something right.

The toys are well made, & highly, highly customizable. You can choose the color, type of genitalia (mouth, ass, vagina,) the texture of the insides, the tightness, and more. There is even a roster of Fleshlights cast from the bodies of porn stars you know and love. Meaning you can get it on with Riley Reid's actual bhole, or Alina Lopez's actual pussy. By "actual" I mean these porn stars actually gave Fleshlight a visit, and allowed them to make molds of their parts.

The trademark name comes from the extremely discreet flashlight-looking case in which the toys are encased. Unless one is familiar with Fleshlights, one will have no suspicions whatsoever that this plastic thingy is a sex toy, making Fleshlights ideal for travel.

The toys can be a bit pricey, I suppose, but you get what you pay for. I'd rather spend 60$ on Riley Reid's vagina, and adjust the tightness as needed, than $20 for a glorified rubber donut. All that said, if the original Fleshlight isn't for you, the brand offers a variety of other toys that my tickle your fancy.. so to speak. They even have a lineup for women.

If you want the best simulated vagina or booty hole that money can buy, look no further than Fleshlight. It is the longest-standing, highest-rated, most customizable product of its kind. It's a BMW in a world of Honda Accords. There's really no competition.

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