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Your first question upon laying eyes on Jules Jordan content (aside from, "where has this porn been all my life??) is "who is Jules Jordan?" I'll be honest, until I looked into it, I thought it was just an attempt at a classy porn star-esque brand name. Turns out, Jules Jordan is a fucking legendary director in the adult film industry. You don't see sites like this often. Usually sites are dedicated to a particular niche, fetish, or network. But this site is a catalog of films made exclusively by one of the best directors in the business. Don't take my word for it. The man has won a laundry list of awards to the tune of "Best _________" (best director, director of the year, best _______ scene, etc...)

If you're a fan of his work (as any self-respecting porn watcher with at least two marbles in their skull should be,) then this site is an incredible opportunity to watch scene after scene of his work. It's like the difference between simply browsing movies in the "action" or "drama" section, vs browsing movies by your favorite filmmaker. You could sift endlessly through the action section and not find a single film that suits your preferences. Meanwhile, if you look through the filmography of your favorite director, you're practically guaranteed to find a long list of movies you'll love. That's exactly what you get at Jules Jordan. A massive catalog of scenes whose filmmaking style and quality remain consistent. We're talking professional cinematography and camera work, 4k quality,

Don't worry though, while the quality and style of the scenes remain constant, Jules Jordan is home to an impressive variety of categories, fetishes, niches. Check out the categories page to see what I mean. It's like looking at the categories of a tube site; anal, big cocks, blowbangs, blondes, blowjobs, oil, orgies, swallowing, the list goes on. The mood of the various scenes varies as well. Some scenes are down right filthy and pretty wild. Others are sensual and erotic. There are classy scenes and nasty scenes and everything in between. In other words, you'll never get bored with JJ content.

Jules attracts some of the best talent in the business, in fact, based on the roster of top-tier models, one could surmise that Jules gets his pick of the litter. He's probably turning away 8s and 9s left and right. Riley Reid, Gabbie Carter, Gianna Dior, Lana Rhoades, Adriana Chechik, Abella Danger, Angela White, Dani Daniels, etc.. Browsing by models on Jules Jordan is like visiting the porn star Hall of Fame.

Concerned that a single director wouldn't have enough content to keep you busy? Don't be. Jules Jordan is no mere mortal. The catalog of videos is massive. Currently the site boasts over 2,000 scenes and a massive library of full-length videos. And with frequent updates, you'll never run out of top-shelf content from this legendary director.

So what's the stratospheric price point for top-tier exclusive content like this? How about $0.32/day? Think you could manage that? The annual subscription is only $10/month. That's insane. And yes, yes, they offer a two-day trial. So you can take this director out for a test drive before committing.

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