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It's not often you see something truly unique in the world of porn. If you haven't already experience a KissMe Girl video, I promise, you've never seen anything like it. Have you ever found yourself being annoyed by the prude or even awkward kissing of lesbians in adult films? Gently pecks, uncoordinated head tilts, random tongue flicking, boring forced lip locks, etc... If so, and even if not, KissMe Girl will open your eyes to a whole new world of sensual, sloppy, all-out tonsil hockey that you never even knew existed. KissMe Girl videos feature lesbians that truly unleash their tongues, and lips, and mouths, and saliva. You'll see sloppy tongue wrestling, deep throat tongue probing, nose sucking, chin sucking, face licking. The ladies will lock lips with mouths open so wide you'll sewar they're trying to eat each others' heads! You have NEVER seen kissing like this.

I'm warning you now, this site will ruin you when it comes to lesbian kissing, lesbian foreplay, or maybe even lesbians videos altogether. Any time I'm watching a more vanilla lesbian video from another studio, where the ladies are gently smooching, or worse, skipping the kissing altogether to get down to phony, forced, bone dry vag-licking, I immediately find myself missing the beautiful & sloppy tongue wrestling of KissMe girl videos. There's just nothing like watching two gorgeous young girls slobber all over each others' faces. Don't worry though, KissMe girls aren't raunchy, or strange, or off-putting. While the kissing is very next-level, often times sloppy and drooly, the girls are very sensual, erotic, and at times even romantic about it. They are basically worshipping each others' faces, and you'll never get the impression they're faking it. The ladies always seem to be enjoying themselves and each other, which is more than you can say for a lot of lesbian porn out there.

If you've never experienced a KissMe Girl video, I highly recommend you investigate. Like now.

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