You've probably never experienced anything like LezKiss before. Suffice it to say, it's not only one of the best lesbian sites on the internet, but it's also one of the most unique. The latter can neither be overstated nor overrated. We seem to be awash in a world of generic lesbian porn (or generic porn in general.) ie: Two babes that can't act get dolled up, pretend to be besties, and then awkwardly hoot and holler fake their way to cringy, bone-dry, fake orgasms. But not on LezKiss.

First of all, on LezKiss the ladies take their sweet ass time savoring every kiss, every lick, every grope, every nuzzle. You can tell they're truly comfortable with one another and are truly savoring every second. The foreplay for each scene lasts a beautiful eternity, and it really seems to pay off, as real orgasms are commonplace on this site.

But the best part, and the thing that makes LezKiss truly unique is the content that is the site's namesake: the kissing. My god. The kissing. These are no ordinary kisses. This is a whole nother level of deep, sloppy, sensual tongue wrestling. The ladies are often sucking on and even deep-throating each others tongues. Honestly, it's like watching two slugs wrestling to the death. And when I say they open-mouth kiss, I mean these ladies are simultaneously attempting to anaconda each others' heads. They're mouths are so wide open I'm often concerned a jaw dislocation is imminent. But LezKiss girls don't stop at lips and tongues; their entire faces are playgrounds and fair game for oral exploration. They're sucking each others' noses, mouthing each others' chins, licking each others' cheeks, foreheads, and necks. Everything is fair game to be licked, sucked, nibbled, kissed, and slobbered on.

With foreplay like this, it's no wonder these ladies are often actually cumming (as opposed to faking it for a paycheck.) If the above depiction sounds enticing to you (and by god, if it doesn't, then Lesbian porn is simply not your genre,) then head over to LezKiss and check it out for yourself. I promise you won't be disappointed.

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