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Plainly stated, if you're into massage porn (and let's be honest, you are, because who isn't?) Massage Rooms is really the only place to go, and is easily the best among the very few massage porn studios. They've cornered the market. And not by default due to low competition. Massage Rooms is one of the most sexual, erotic, beautiful slow-burn sexual experiences you're likely to find in the world of online erotica. And I don't say that lightly. Massage Rooms has managed to find the perfect sweet spot between being, soft, sensual, slow, and beautiful, on the on hand, whilst also being hot, lusty, and orgasmic. Most massage porn ventures too far in either direction. Either being so artsy-fartsy, slow, and "sensual" as to be basically completely sterile, boring, or even pretentious, or just going through the motions of the "massage" angle, and basically fast forwarding to the part where two phony bimbos pretend to have mind-bending orgasms for basically no good reason. But not Massage Rooms, it's the perfect blend of sensuality and intensity.

The scenes tend to follow a similar formula, a gorgeous masseuse slowly, tantalizingly, explores an equally gorgeous client's body. And they always use oil. So you get to watch soft hands slipping, and sliding, and gliding over shimmering, wet, smooth skin. It's so gratifying to watch delicate hands glide over every curve, and slide into every crack and crevice. This lubed up foreplay builds over a 10-20 minutes, as the models get more and more aroused. This is slow-burn porn at its very best. Their breathing deepens, their lips part, they start making eye contact, their face get closer and closer, the client's hips start grinding the air, it's torturous teasing at its very best. Once the models finally break the ice and kiss and/or start massaging naughty bits, they models then proceed to absolutely worship each others bodies, until erupting in genuine orgasms (usually, anyway.) That's another beauty of the site, the women frequently don't have to fake their orgasms (when you know, you know.) This is probably on account of the slow-build up, the soothing atmosphere, and the oil. It'd probably be hard not to orgasm in this scenario.

The scenes are incredibly well filmed, by highly competent directors, editors, cameramen and crew. The angles, motions, (or strategic lack thereof,) is always complementary and never distracting. You'll forget it's even being filmed. Never a bad angle. Never the heresy of shaky cam or awkward transitions. The best parts are never blocked by shadow or hair or legs. You could see every last shimmering shining inch of oiled up flesh in gorgeous, clean HD. Every butthole pucker. Every lubed up wrinkle of pussy lips. Every drop of cum. The tiny bumps around hardened nipples. Everything.

Here's the real kicker. Membership to Massage Rooms include full access to the entire Sexy Hub network, which includes some of the absolute best lesbian porn you've ever seen, from studios that are, in and of themselves, big names in the business with solid reputations (Lesbea, Girlfriends, or Dane Jones ring any bells?) We're talking a massive library of over 3,000 extremely high quality videos for a single monthly fee, which can be as low as $10/month depending on contract. That's not a typo. The cost/volume ratio alone is an insane value, but with porn this good, it's basically too good to be true. But it's true. Check out the $1 trial and see for yourself.

Massage Rooms features some of the best lesbian and straight porn in the market. As far as I'm concerned, there are few things better than two pairs of perfect skin tits, dripping in oil, slipping, and sliding, and smushing into each other (a very frequent occurrence on the site,) or a dripping wet, lubed up, blooming swollen vagina sliding effortless down onto an equally lubed-up, throbbing slab of man meat. If you're already into the massage niche, I'm telling you, you won't find better than Massage Rooms.

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