Are you into face-fucking? Deepthroat? Super sloppy blowjobs? Gagging? Drooling? Gasping for air? Running mascara? If you said yes to three or more of those, then oh boy, do I have the site for you. In fact, if you said yes to three or more of those, you probably are already very familiar with Throated, a site dedicated to ramming thick man meat down the throats of beautiful women, until they become an absolute sloppy mess.

Make no mistake, Throated can get pretty intense. This isn't the gentle, talented deepthroating of Heather Brooke. In fact, most of these girls aren't even very skilled in throat sports, and that's kinda the allure I guess. The way Throated sees it, the more gagging, choking, gasping, & eye-watering, the better. The more like a train wreck the model looks like at the end of the shoot, the happier they are with it. They've basically cornered the market of rough face-fucking. EVERY video features hardcore deepthroat action. And most of them top it off with equally hardcore fucking.

If this sounds like your jam, then there's really nowhere else to get this much of it. Give their 3 day trial a whirl and try it on for size! If it's too much for you, cancel with no strings. If only real sex was this easy...

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